Ram Talk

Apr 122007

The term “Don’t rain on my parade should be changed to “Don’t blizzard in the middle of the spring on my parade” when used in Colorado.

“Has anybody else tried to take a nap in the afternoon, only to be awakened suddenly by the football team’s air horns? I’ll be sleeping peacefully then it’s like WAHHHHH AIRHORN IN YOUR FACE!!! We should revolt.”

After driving for RamRide, I feel very strongly about adding a Confessions of RamRide column to the Collegian. The things you hear and witness during

those drives are priceless!

In last week’s elections I wrote in “Guy Who Condemns Everyone from Atop A

Rock in the Plaza,” and surprisingly he didn’t win. Weird, he seems to get

everyone so fired up.

Why does Ian Brown continue to write Ramtalk to make it look like someone actually thinks his terrible comic is funny?

A warning to the swine who insulted Ian Brown and Lobster Ave: I will feast

on the flesh of your first born!

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