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Apr 122007

By Brandon Lowrey

If you’re gritting your teeth in indignation that ASCSU has spent $90,000 to bring rapper Common to campus Monday, remember that you can only blame yourself.

Sure, it’s a lot of money. But ASCSU President Jason Green and Vice President Sadie Conrad said they would do this when they campaigned last year. Those who didn’t vote – the vast majority of students – have no right to complain.

Green and Conrad deserve commendation, rather than condemnation, for sticking to a campaign promise to bring a high-profile musician to campus.

The $90,000 comes from student fees. Student fee-paying students voted for candidates who vowed to spend them that way.

While the timing certainly isn’t optimal (with all of the budget woes we’re facing), they’re only doing what you told them to do.

So on Monday, go out to The West Lawn, bring some lunch and some friends, and enjoy the concert. You bought it, and your student representatives have delivered.


By David McSwane

ASCSU, c’mon now

Next week, Common will play a free rap concert on the Lory Student West Lawn. Sounds cool, right? Who wouldn’t enjoy a free concert?

Well, the performer.

It turns out the concert is far from free. In fact, you paid for it.

The Associated Students of CSU is paying Common about $90,000 to perform. Where does ASCSU, our guardians of frugality, find this money?

From your student fees. Yes, we all shelled out $90,000 for a single concert.

Let’s put this into perspective.

$90,000 is enough to cover in-state tuition for 19 students. That’s over five out-of-state students.

In a time when CSU President Larry Penley is harping on the funding crisis in higher education, our student representatives are slinging some serious cash at a rapper – not a scholar or Nobel Prize winner, a rap singer.

It seems the CSU administration is justified in their plans to cut the ASCSU budget – which is fueled by student fees /- by over $75,000. Maybe we can throw what’s left in our student fees into something useful. Something like, oh, how about education?

No, that’s too commonsensical.

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