Apr 122007
Authors: Marissa HuttonGavel

The student government spent $90,000 in student fees to bring hip-hop artist Common to CSU for Monday’s upcoming non-ticketed concert on the West Lawn, which will be open to all students.

“We felt like this was going to be a good opportunity for us to do something on campus as a whole,” ASCSU president Jason Green said. “I wanted to spend this year’s fees on this year’s students.”

While ASCSU has a $100,000 reserve at all times, the money for Common came from additional funds accumulated throughout past presidencies.

As part of their platform last spring, Green and Vice President Sadie Conrad vowed to bring entertainment to campus.

It is a promise they have made good on through Association for Student Activity Programs-sponsored events like Wednesday’s Emerson Drive concert and last month’s stand-up comedy show.

By bringing in a big name from the hip-hop world, Green hopes to further demonstrate the opportunities ASCSU can provide students.

“We can bring cool things here,” he said. ” This is the type of thing (ASCSU) can do.”

In the midst of what has become a highly publicized clash between CSU President Larry Penley and ASCSU, Green wanted to put on a thank-you event for current Rams.

“We can still have a good time on campus,” he said.

Students have mixed views on Green’s choice, however.

“Bring up like John Mayer or Dave Matthews, somebody that everybody knows,” said senior environmental studies major Molly Palmer. “Maybe take polls before you even invite someone.”

Senior management student Nate Easley disagreed.

“I think it’s good that he’s coming,” he said. “I haven’t seen too many groups up here that I want to see. Not everybody likes rock.”

Musical taste aside, everybody seems to be able to agree on the money.

“That’s a lot of money,” Palmer said. “So it better be someone good.”

Freshman psychology major Rashina Shambe is thankful for the free concert.

“It should be free,” she said. “I already pay a lot to go here.”

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Who: Common

What: Free Concert

Where: West Lawn

When: Monday at 6:30 p.m.

Though students will be able to see hip-hop artist Common rhyme for free on Monday, Associated Students of Colorado State University and ASAP shelled out $90,000 to the MC.

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