Our View: Tuition Increases

Apr 112007

Colorado lawmakers decided Wednesday to give CSU considerable, vaguely defined authority to raise tuition for out-of-state students.

Now the ball is in CSU’s court. And that’s worrisome.

Administrators must determine what would be a reasonable tuition increase for out-of-staters – the same ones who figured raising tuition 50 percent for most students was a good idea.

We’d have to be blind not to notice that CSU’s getting the short end of the stick. We agree that funding inequities, as President Larry Penley calls them, must be fixed.

But gradually.

Many students chose CSU in the first place because it was relatively inexpensive. They planned on paying a certain amount each semester, give or take a few hundred dollars.

Students and their families can adjust to gradual changes. They can more easily handle expenses they can anticipate.

And if the out-of-state tuition rises too high, the university could see a drop-off of enrollment among non-Colorado residents. Currently, out-of-state students make up about 20 percent of the student body.

And already, these students pay $16,245 a year to go here.

We urge President Penley to listen to student voices before making a potentially drastic change.

The Collegian wants to see the university’s situation improve. But we don’t want to see an ambush on any hardworking student’s bank account.

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