Apr 112007
Authors: Elena Ulyanova

Independent films, beer and comfortable couches – the new alternative to Old Town entertainment.

The Lyric Cinema Caf/, which opened Wednesday, is the latest edition to the Fort Collins’ entertainment scene. There are no other venues like it.

“I think it will add something that Fort Collins is seriously lacking,” said Ben Mozer, co-owner of the caf/. “It makes it unique to sit on a couch, have a beer and watch a movie, and that’s something Fort Collins has not experienced yet, and I think its something everyone should experience at least once.”

Mozer also expressed his belief that a cinema caf/ is out of the ordinary for an entertainment outlet because it has the potential to be a spontaneous activity.

“It can be something that people don’t need to make plans to do,” Mozer said. “It is more of a spur-of-the-moment entertainment whereas other venues in town are more planned events.”

The inspiration to open a cinema caf/ began with a showing of “Pulp Fiction” in Granada, Spain, when Mozer had his first cinema caf/ experience.

A film major in college, Mozer decided that opening a caf/ would be a better option than trying to pursue a film career.

“I could push this along easier than I could push along a film career, so that’s kind of how it all started,” Mozer said.

He also attended a similar entertainment venue in his own college town and decided to open a cinema caf/ in Fort Collins because of its college-town atmosphere.

“A cinema caf/ cannot succeed without a college,” Mozer said. “College kids like to have a lot of variety in what they do, they are more open to experiencing different things, and an art house movie theater is one of those things.”

Paul Kelly, sophomore marketing major, said although going to a cinema caf/ isn’t really his “cup of tea,” he still thinks it would be a great place to kick back and hang out.

“It sounds like it would be a pretty fun relaxing good time, just hanging out with your friends, having a beer and watching a movie,” Kelly said.

The caf/ will be open daily, and will serve coffee, wine, beer and food.

Mozer said the venue will offer a more intimate setting in a “different and interesting space” that cannot be found elsewhere in Fort Collins.

“Popcorn, candy, bucket seats, that’s the only kind of movie theater that people in Fort Collins have been able to go to,” Mozer said. “This place kind of has a cool and funky atmosphere.”

Staff writer Elena Ulyanova can be reached at verve@collegian.com.

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