Apr 112007
Authors: James Holt

In an informal meeting Wednesday, ASCSU Vice President Sadie Conrad and four student senators brainstormed ideas for a “Shared Governance Plan.”

According to the plan, university administration would inform and allow the input of the ASCSU regarding major decisions being made about the university. The goal is to create a voluntary agreement between students, faculty and administration to balance involvement in decision-making.

“We should work with each other for the goals of the university,” said Blake Gibson, a freshman open option major and intra-varsity senator. “We’re usually out for the same thing.”

Last week, in a meeting with the student senate, Penley said he was open to looking into a new model for involving the ASCSU in university decisions.

“I regret the perceived breakdown in communication,” he said.

Less than a week later, ASCSU has already begun planning.

“(Penley’s) been responsive to this and that’s very positive,” said Dan Palmer, a graduate economics student.

The ideas suggested revolved around students being informed and allowed to give input.

Suggestions included ASCSU being involved in leadership hiring and search committees, the option of attending and receiving minutes of board of directors meetings, and briefings on pertinent issues to students concerns such as goals, tuition and university planning.

“The administration keeps the university running,” said Palmer. “They do a good job at that. But some decisions are of such magnitude they effect students in bad ways, even though they may be good for the university in the long run.”

According to Gibson, the proposal would not be about micromanagement but about macro-participation.

“It’s appropriate for me as a student and a customer to know (what’s going on.) I don’t think it’s unreasonable,” said Gibson.

The group will continue brainstorming later this week. Once drafted, the plan will be presented to the student senate.

Gibson said the proposal should be presented to Penley by May.

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