Ram Talk

Apr 102007

Why I can’t seem to get more than 2 words in a crossword puzzle. Am I really that stupid or are they only in here for the smart people?

Ramtalk writers … Every time you write about obeying the law or not going crazy on Spring Break another angel looses its wings. So think about that.

To the person who wrote about pressing the crosswalk button about 10 times: Most people don’t care if they look silly. And did you know that for every time you press the button it charges the government 25 cents? Talk about stickin’ it to the man!

Since the “unlocked” series you can’t get into the Weber Building past 10. The computer lab there doesn’t close till 10:30, wtf.

So, are you all aware that ASCSU is paying Common $40,000 to play a “free” show next week?

Has anyone else wondered where the clicking from your iPod comes from when you scroll through your songs?

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