Apr 102007
Authors: Anica Wong

Students donned drunk goggles on the Plaza Tuesday in an effort to learn how to live well.

The third annual “Live Well Fair,” held in conjunction with Alcohol Screening Day, encouraged students to express, stretch and protect themselves.

“We want to raise awareness of other things besides drinking to live well,” said Carrie Haynes, a staff therapist at the University Counseling Center.

Students were encouraged to express themselves through art (painting rocks) and dancing. Two different dance groups, Rhythm Company and Hip Hop Congress, both performed.

Information about yoga, volunteerism and how to sign up for a race provided students new ways to stretch themselves, both in body and in mind.

“The more active, the more engaged students are, the less likely they are to use alcohol,” Haynes said.

Alcohol screening was available to students with the incentives of free non-alcoholic beverages.

“The biggest problem is binge drinking. If they take the screening, (students) can learn if it’s an issue,” Meghan Smiley, a sophomore speech communication major, said.

Smiley was helping to distribute alcohol screening tests.

The tests, along with condom quizzes and the use of the “drunk” goggles were ways that students could learn how to protect themselves in order to live well.

Ben Portilla, the head technician from REI, was giving free bike checks to make sure students who use their bikes as a transportation method were safe.

“We want to make (riding your bike to school) as easy as possible,” he said.

He also wanted to stress the idea of becoming active, especially in a beautiful place like Colorado.

“The more people can get outside and see what we have, the more likely they are to protect it as well as become more active,” Portilla said.

Workers from The Sunflower Market, a local health food store, wanted students to realize the benefits of eating healthier.

“If you want to be highly functional, you have to give your body the nutrition to deal with stress,” said Mary Alice Winegarner, who works in the natural living department at the store. “Nutrition is the foundation of the energy system.”

Junior recreation and tourism and Spanish double major Raquel Ortiz thought the different aspects of the fair were a good idea.

“The earlier you get the info, the earlier you can make changes in your life,” Ortiz said.

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