Apr 102007
Authors: Nikki Cristello

Greeks filed into a small room Tuesday to hear what a potential Greek Life director had to say. They came armed with questions of their own.

Mark Koepsell, current Greek Life director, will be leaving his position to take the position of Executive Director of the Mid American Greek Council Association (MGCA).

In the final stages of its search, Greek Life and CSU have narrowed it down to two.

The final candidates are Ryan Williams, currently at Southern Methodist University, and Kelly Jo Karnes, currently at Old Dominion University.

An open forum was held yesterday in the Lory Student Center to allow Williams to introduce himself to the Greek Community.

Karnes will be visiting CSU on April 19 in Lory Student Center Room 208.

Williams was grilled with questions about how he would handle different situations were he to be offered the position.

He took the opportunity to ask Greeks in attendance what they wanted from their new director.

David Sparling, junior marketing major and president of SAE asked a few tough questions and answered Williams’ question with a near challenge.

“I want someone who can step in and bring us back up together,” Sparling said.

Adria Robinson, junior English major and sole member of Alpha Kappa Alpha, said she wants someone to understand her unique situation.

“I want someone who will reach out to me,” Robinson said.

Williams, who is not actively looking for another job, said he is quite happy at SMU. He said he is interested in the position for numerous reasons but said he would like to pursue getting his Ph.D. here, which would help him to do his job better.

“With all that you do on campus and around the community, people should be knocking down your door to get in,” Williams said.

Speaking about Greek life and the media, Williams said it isn’t quantity or even quality that people remember; it is the bad press.

“If you have the same number of good and bad articles, ultimately people will remember the bad,” said Williams. “We need to realize that yes, we are doing great things, but that doesn’t make the bad things OK.

“If we truly live up to our values we wouldn’t have to worry about those bad things.”

Williams juggled questions from the audience, questions to the audience and managed to give some advice.

“Every decision you make, good or bad, has consequences and you have to own up to them,” Williams said.

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