Apr 092007

The athletic department needs more money, plain and simple.

What’s not plain and simple is the reason why. Allow us to explain.

Tuition is going to rise; there is no stopping it. And it will continue to rise.

There are about 400 athletic scholarships at CSU. A scholarship is not just a coupon for free school. The athletic department pays the tuition of scholarship athletes. When tuition rises, the athletic program has to pay more to its athletes. Because recruiting and attracting athletes to universities costs money, as the demand to pay for our current athletes rises, the ability to search for future athletes is weakened. If we can’t bring in any talent then CSU athletics will sink deeper into despair.

Plainly, if we don’t give the department more cash we can expect more losing seasons.

As sports fans, we want to see more wins from out CSU varsity teams.

But as CSU fans we know that money yields wins and wins yield more money.

Big name athletic schools rake in the cash from their successful sports teams.

At CSU we have one of the greatest football coaches ever and a promising new director of athletics.

Sports fan or not, everyone at CSU must recognize that in order to make a better university we are going to have to pony up the cash.

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