Apr 082007

The Collegian believes in global warming – from all the hot air being spewed on either side of the global warming debate.

Could human pollution be causing the phenomenon? Maybe. Could scientists on the human-blaming side of the debate be mistaken? Sure.

But we don’t see the point of arguing. Either way, humans could be taking much better care of our world.

And global warming aside, there are plenty of incentives to switch to cleaner technology.

CSU has taken a refreshing step in its ambitious plan for wind power. When implemented, it will save taxpayers $30 million over 25 years, officials said.

And clean-burning biodiesel, in addition to being better for the environment, would decrease – and hopefully eliminate – our reliance on foreign oil. That would certainly be helpful in our dealings in the Middle East.

In addition, American farmers would profit greatly from the new industry. If that isn’t enough, fossil fuels are non-renewable. That means we’re going to run out one day – and basic economics tells us that when we’re running low, prices are going to skyrocket.

On top of this, there is a possibility that burning fossil fuel causes harmful climate changes. At the very least, it makes for unhealthy air.

So why are we still so dependent on fossil fuels?

Let the scientists argue all they want. But instead of getting caught up in every controversy, politicians should use their heads. A lot of issues transcend big, partisan stalemates, like global warming has become.

Even if life on this planet may not be on its way to a man-made inferno, we sure as hell could make it better.

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