Apr 042007
Authors: Staff Editorial

In keeping with tradition, the Collegian is now 0 for 5.

Wednesday night, Katie Gleeson and Trevor Trout won the top seats as ASCSU president and vice president for the 2007-08 school year.

And for the fifth year in a row the Collegian endorsed the losing candidates, Jake Blumberg and Sean Abbey.

It was at a meeting Sunday night that we decided to endorse Jake and Sean.

At the time we recognized that the two were underdogs in the race, but most importantly, we realized that in this race there were no bad candidates.

Gleeson, a senior honors student studying history and business administration, has a long history with ASCSU.

Trout, a junior history and business administration major, is currently a senator and is also a member of the TKE fraternity.

Throughout the election process the two have shown tremendous professionalism and dedication. Whether through ads on Facebook, stomping the Plaza, or information cards at the dining halls, it seemed like Katie and Trevor were everywhere.

And apparently you noticed, or at least the 2,313 students who voted for them did (a shameful 18 percent of the total student body voted).

Congratulations to the winners. Live it up tonight but work starts in the morning.

Throughout the years CSU has had some great leaders and some really bad ones. The current Green administration has implemented some great changes for our university but we expect you to do even more.

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