LTTE: Lets Be Professional

Apr 032007

Although I normally enjoy reading the Collegian and greatly appreciate all of your hard work, lately I have been extremely frustrated with the papers content. Over the past few weeks I have been both disappointed and repulsed at some of the paper’s content; Mr Dudley’s article about prostitution and pornography, the picture on the FRONT PAGE of some girl putting a condom on a dildo, and so on.

I know I speak for hundreds of people when I say that it is offensive and inappropriate. But even more than that, what a horrible image you are portraying of CSU, the Collegian, and YOURSELF. You guys have embarrassed yourselves. What are your goals? Do you want to be a respectable and successful newspaper? Right now you lack professionalism, ethics, and a sense of integrity.

You look like a bunch of immature high school students who have no idea what you are doing, and in fact should be removed of your responsibilities. It’s sad really; so much potential, so much opportunity, wasted on stupidity and a lack of self-maturity.

Marko Vukovich



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