Apr 032007

The House and the Senate both passed resolutions to begin the withdrawal process and have troops out of Iraq by April 2008. Fortunately, Bush will veto. It boggles my mind that politicians, especially Democrats, have the audacity to say that they know how to run military combat operations better than the officers and commanders who are currently on the ground, clearing houses every day. Many of these commanders, primarily Army and Marine Corp, have been doing this for over 20 years and have graduated from West Point or Annapolis. They know the business of warfare better than anyone else. Yet, the Democrats, many of whom have never even served in the armed services, say they know how to do it better.

They sit in their multi-million dollar houses, watch MSNBC, and are some how able to formulate a combat plan. Yeah Right. The majority of them probably can’t even identify what country is Iraq on a map. The last thing the US should do is to prematurely withdraw or completely withdraw. Once either of these happens, then the 3,243 soldiers, who have died in OIF, will have died for basically nothing. This War on Terror is steadily transforming into a war between Right and Left. And the Left’s only plan is to run away and hope the terrorists don’t follow.

The Left is a bunch of ignorant and conceited cowards. Democrats say they are the voice of the people. They are the voice of the terrorists. And that is a voice that should be forever silenced. They are NOT American. They swear allegiance only to the enemy and that is treason to the United States of America.

Doug Falconi


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