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Authors: Anica Wong

After devouring traditional African food – including peanut butter soup, rice, beef stew and plantains – students and community members listened to African drumming, danced in a fashion show and took in a humorous play.

This was all part of Africans United’s 3rd annual African Night in the Lory Student Center on Saturday night.

“The important thing people need to realize is that this is all students who put it on,” said Ama Arthur-Asmah, a senior journalism major and member of AU. “We work really, really hard.”

As members of AU took the stage, the packed LSC Theatre learned about the plot of the play.

After the king of an African country has died, his son, the prince, will take his throne.

But his mother, the queen, wants him to get married. She is determined to throw the prince a great festival for all of the villages so princesses from different countries can dance for him.

In between each dance, Sal/, a local African drumming and dancing group, could be seen playing varying sizes of African drums.

Next was the energizing and exhilarating dance of the Ivory Coast’s princess and her dancers, a dance so enticing that the prince joins.

Following the Ivory Coast is South Africa, Egypt, New Ghana and the Caribbean.

“It is important to educate people about how varied and diverse the African culture is,” said Joyce Acen, an ecology graduate student.

In the end, the prince decides he will not be picking his bride out of the princesses present, but as he is wandering by the river later that night, he spots a beautiful girl washing her clothes.

“I think I’ve found what I’ve been looking for,” he tells the girl who would later become his bride.

The best part of the evening for some audience members was the discovery of new ideas and traditions.

“CSU needs to explore other people’s cultures,” said Charlie Billig, a freshman sociology major. “CSU needs to be more diversified.”

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