Apr 012007
Authors: Anica Wong

Leroy Moore was born with cerebral palsy, but that didn’t stop him from being a poet, writer and community activist.

On Friday, he was in the Lory Student Center to educate students, faculty and community members about the contributions of disabled black musicians.

“I went through college and high school and never learned about black disabled artists,” he said.

So, Moore took it upon himself to learn more about these musicians and to spread the word about different artists.

Through his research, Moore found that there is a lot of history on black disabled musicians, as well as painters and dancers.

Moore presented his audience with music from disabled artists like showed Peg Leg Samuel Jackson, who indeed had a peg leg and was shown tap dancing in the street, music videos and a continuous slideshow depicting black disabled musicians.

He also read several of his poems, one of which, “Black Disabled Art History 101,” combined details about many of the artists he encountered.

Up next for Moore is a second Krip Hip-Hop CD, which features black disabled musicians who are not heard on the popular charts. He is also looking forward to making a documentary about these artists.

“The best part (of the research) is realizing there is another type of music out there and the support I receive from that industry,” Moore said.

Valerie Wolfe came to Moore’s presentation to hear a different perspective.

“It is interesting because he is intertwining two different identities that are often lost in society,” said Wolfe, a senior biology major.

Wes Hartman, a community member and retired CSU employee, summed up the evening in a couple of sentences.

“(Moore) is capitalizing on disability,” he said. “It makes you aware that disability is not a factor.”

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