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I must agree with Ms. Davis’ argument in her article entitled “Please, don’t sell the children.”

Abortion is a right women have in this country and I am proud to support it. The fact that a political leader from my home state would propose something so horrendous as paying people for the birth of their baby does not surprise me. Texas is the home of the conservative, Christian republican. The only liberal city in Texas is Austin, so the fact that abortion is still legal in Texas to this day amazes me.

The women who take advantage of their right to abortion come from all walks of life. For most, for whatever reason, available contraceptive methods failed and they are not in a position to give the impending child what they need. Perhaps if more women took this into consideration prior to giving birth we would not be in danger of overpopulation, increasing poverty levels and lack of proper childcare.

Contrary to most conservative’s beliefs, I am certain the choice of an abortion is an emotional one for most women instead of a “quick fix” as they would have us believe.

In the midst of all that emotion, to have someone offer you $500 to change your decision seems terribly cruel. As if all of the women in the clinic are hurting for money so badly that $500 will solve all their problems. Is the state going to jump in and pay medical bills at the time of parturition? How about all the pre-natal care? What if, God forbid, something goes wrong during the pregnancy?

I offer a new solution: Take the $500 you want to pay women to keep their babies and keep it. Instead, multiply it by the 89,160 women who had abortions in Texas last year and you get $44,580,000. That could buy a hell of a lot of birth control. The majority of women in their 20s and 30s do not have health insurance and, therefore, no birth control method other than condoms. Since the FDA refuses to make the pill or the patch over-the-counter, I propose that Texas offer free birth control to any woman who wants it and is willing to come to a clinic and get it. That would pretty much nip your problem in the rear – so to speak. Since the conservatives have retracted funding from programs like Planned Parenthood, discounted birth control is no longer available and the methods they offer are now just as, if not more, expensive than going through a regular doctor’s office. People are having sex, whether you like it or not, and with sex comes the possibility of babies. If you don’t like abortion as an option, offer a route to stop the issue before it starts.

Amanda Mills


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