ASCSU voting starts today

Apr 012007
Authors: James Baetke

Today marks the first day students can vote for Associated Students of CSU president, vice president and individual college senators.

And if Audrey LaSalle, elections manager, has anything to do with it, 2007 will set a record voter turnout.

Beating the voter turnout record of 23 percent for student body elections is one of LaSalle’s aggressive goals.

The ASCSU Elections Committee is launching an intense campaign starting today and ending Wednesday, in order to drive voter turnout to an all-time record, hoping to surpass 2004 record.

“We want to hit 25 percent,” LaSalle said.

Voting is done by logging onto RAMweb and casting votes for president and vice president ticket, as well as senator seats. Voting computer stations will also be available today through Wednesday for students to log onto RAMweb.

For both big-ticket campaigns running this year – Katie Gleeson and Trevor Trout versus Jake Blumberg and Sean Abbey, for president and vice president respectively – the stakes are immense getting students to participate and vote, candidates said last week.

ASCSU requires that there be at least a 10 percent voter turnout or the elections would be dissolved. This has not happened recently, but in 2002 the elections were almost a bust with a turnout of 10.7 percent.

“We try and saturate the campus as much as possible,” said Whitney Bostick, an elections committee member.

For two randomly picked votes, a brand new bike and iPod will be given away and committee members will be holding daily giveaways of food and other prizes on the Lory Student Center Plaza.

LaSalle and Bostick agree that many factors contribute to low student participation in voting. Factors include a lack of desire, the unawareness elections are even taking place and the perception that both major campaign platforms are similar and voting for either of them would suffice.

Picking the candidate that matters most for the individual is an important decision all students should make, Bostick said.

“Without our services, the student body would suffer,” she added.

ASCSU president and vice president develop policies, benchmarks and goals in accordance with what is best for CSU students, and can include stances on student fees, tuition and student organizations.

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Voter turnout since 2002. Numbers are approximate

2002: 11%

2003: 12%

2004: 23%

2005: 19%

2006: 20%

Sidebar information

What: ASCSU Elections

When: April 2 -4

Where: RAMweb

Who: President and Vice President; Individual College Senators

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