Mar 292007
Authors: The Editorial Board

Before we students are screwed, we like to be kissed.

On Wednesday night, President Penley attempted to screw us, couldn’t quite seal the deal, then started a fight. Not exactly our idea of a romantic evening.

It’s not that we necessarily doubt President Penley and his administration’s intentions in trying to jack up tuition. Rather, it’s simply unacceptable to do it in the fashion that they did -with scant, if any, input from students.

Luckily, the Colorado Senate shot down the bulging increase Wednesday night.

To be clear, it could be argued that Penley’s proposal had honorable intentions. CSU was going to give free tuition to low-income students.

Regardless, students should have had a say in something so important as to what they will be paying in tuition next year, especially when the proposed change is so drastic.

A CSU spokesman said the board of governors met in an emergency session, and that ASCSU president Jason Green was given 48 hours notice.

Two days notice simply isn’t enough for a student. Green would have had to miss a test and take the whole day off Friday to attend such a meeting.

Administrators should have known prior to two days before the meeting that something huge was coming up.

A call to the Collegian, maybe?

Posting up fliers, perhaps?

They didn’t do any of that.

Instead, they tried to pull a fast one.

To put it another way, they went straight for the pants without the kiss.

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