Mar 292007
Authors: David Riesberg

On Sept. 11, 2006, the Collegian’s ‘Our View’ stated that we should feel “insulted” for having to watch footage and look at pictures from the 9/11 tragedy.

The editorial board even went as far as to ask what the value was of replaying the tapes. Nearly 3,000 Americans lost their lives due to Muslim terrorists and their hate for the United States. In Wednesday’s paper, the same editorial board reminded us not to, “let the message left by Hurricane Katrina fall on deaf ears” and, “the message behind the disaster rages on.”

On one hand, you tell us to forget the images of planes flying into towers and people jumping off roofs. On the other hand, you tell us to remember images of the floating bodies of men, women and children. Does this seem incongruous?

To the editorial board of the Collegian, this is a disgrace. They are using the pain and suffering of thousands of victims of Katrina as weight to push a political agenda.

What about the victims of 9/11? Do they not deserve justice, just as Katrina victims do? The fact is, the editorial board does not care about justice. They are far too concerned with Bush-bashing and their own political opinions. They used the anguish of other people as a means to undermine our President and his administration. The editorial board should be ashamed.

Next time the editorial board writes an article about the deaths of thousands of Americans, I suggest they try and see through their own blind hatred for anything conservative, and think before they write.

David Riesberg



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