Mar 282007
Authors: Jenna Lynn Ellis

Katie Gleeson and Trevor Trout

As current ASCSU members, Katie Gleeson and Trevor Trout built their campaign platform on five main issues: academics, campus life, transportation, student fees and prestige.

“We have a clear action plan for Colorado State University: bringing U.S. presidential candidates to campus, making textbooks tax-free, and decreasing RamRide wait time,” Gleeson said. “We understand that this is an ambitious platform, yet we refuse to maintain the status quo.”


Gleeson and Trout plan to create what they call an “open-seat notification” on RamWeb. Working with the registrar’s office, Gleeson said the new feature would allow students to sign up for notification of an opening in a class that is full. An e-mail would be sent to the student when a seat opened in that class.

They also plan to utilize ASCSU’s lobbyists to advocate for tax-free textbooks.

“It’s definitely possible and other states already have tax-free textbooks,” Trout said.

Campus Life

Gleeson said she wants to capitalize on Denver being the host of the Democratic National Convention and bring in as many presidential candidates as possible to speak at CSU.

Trout said they are also concerned about the environment.

“We may host green seminars and hope to help the school save money in the long run,” he said.


“We really have a feasible way to have staff of RamRide fill capacity,” Trout said. He said because current RamRide policy does not allow drivers under age 21, there is a shortage of volunteers.

“Other safe-ride programs allow 18-year-olds to drive,” Gleeson said. “I think we would get a lot of sustained volunteer support if could begin at the freshman level.”

Parking is another transportation issue the campaign wants to address.

“It’s a student interest and an ASCSU interest to advocate for parking and it’s an issue we can actually influence,” Trout said. “Students sit on the Parking Services Committee and have a voice and ASCSU has the ability to research and help even more.”

Student Fees

Trout said he wants to avoid trend increases and set fee increases that are automatic.

“We want to make sure the fees that the students give to most affect each student,” Trout said. “We want to make sure the members of the Student Fee Review Board are experts in a certain area of the budget to ensure that.


Gleeson and Trout said they believe CSU has a lot to be proud of and they plan to place banners highlighting accomplishments of CSU alumni across campus and possibly Old Town.

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