Mar 282007
Authors: Jenna Lynn Ellis

Jake Blumberg and Sean Abbey

Experience in leadership and qualifications for the ASCSU office are two key reasons Jake Blumberg and Sean Abbey say they are campaigning for president and vice president. They are also banking on a platform that addresses four main issues: communication, sexual assault awareness, building tradition and events.

“We have well-researched issues, a commitment to only making promises we know we can keep, control and influence,” Blumberg said. “Traditionally, ASCSU has been big on promising things in March and then breaking them in April. We are making commitments we can keep.”


Abbey said he wants to make ASCSU more open, accountable and inclusive. This would include an open cabinet hiring process and creation of a Web site with a comment board for students.

“Sixty-five percent of students on campus are part of student organizations and we can help them and be a resource for funding, marketing and co-sponsorship,” Abbey said.

Blumberg said better communication would also include improved use of Student Media, including regular advertising and guest columns to the student body.

“We want a student-friendly office and a transparent student government,” he said. “We want to walk more than halfway to students and be asking the question, ‘What can we do for you?'”

Sexual Assault Awareness

“One of our big platform issues is sexual assault awareness,” Blumberg said. “Other than ‘Take Back the Night,’ sexual assault awareness and education is very limited on campus. Fort Collins is the third highest ranked city in the nation for reported sexual assaults. CSU is a huge population percentage of Fort Collins, so that statistic is our statistic.”

Blumberg said he wants to partner with Greek Life, advocacy offices and other existing groups to become an umbrella organization to spearhead a campus-wide awareness and educational effort.

“We want to bring the green-and-gold standard to this issue,” Blumberg said. “It’s not a man’s issue. It’s not a woman’s issue. It’s a human issue. The ASCSU president and vice president have a responsibility to take that issue head-on.”

Building Tradition

“That means tradition inside student government and creating new traditions outside the organization for the entire campus,” Blumberg said. “We want a much more student-friendly office that is an open, comfortable environment for students to come in and talk.”


Blumberg and Abbey said they want to plan campus-wide events and use funding to create social experiences for students. These would include a spring concert, All Student Organization cook-off, a weekend geared to academic professionals to come meet with students and give students the opportunity to network with professionals, and bringing in presidential candidates to speak on campus.

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