Mar 282007

CSU President Larry Penley tried to raise tuition by nearly 50 percent this week.

Tuition will invariably increase, but an increase of 43 to 49 percent could kill the dreams of thousands of students, namely minority and poor students – the very same students identified in CSU diversity retention programs, which Penley has voiced great support for.

That’s quite the contradiction. But that’s not the scary part.

Penley and his administration tried to push the drastic tuition increase without ever talking with students. The Associated Students of CSU scrambled Tuesday to get to the bottom of it all.

But the proposed amendment came at a suspicious time – right smack in the middle of ASCSU elections, when the student body representation is busiest.

ASCSU insiders say it looks like Penley tried to pull a fast one. The Collegian thinks so.

Luckily, the amendment was killed, and thanks mostly to Luke Ragland, ASCSU’s director of legislative affairs. He lobbied all day before Colorado’s general assembly Tuesday, and against a measure supported by his own university.

Penley told the Intrafraternity Council last month: “Journalists only write what they want to write.”

Well, we want to right about fast and loose politics and tuition increases. And Penley can bet his derriere that we’ll write a slew of stories anytime his administration tries to bypass a discussion with students, especially when the cash comes from our pockets.

ASCSU is working for students, but whom do you work for, Dr. Penley?

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