Cookin’ with no dough

Mar 282007
Authors: Steve Benton

There are many names for this breakfast food. I call them “hole in the walls.”

Everyone knows what they are – hopefully you’ve experienced this meal at some point in your life. If you haven’t, allow me to enlighten you. The basis of the hole in the wall is simple. You take a piece of bread and put a hole in it, (a little bit bigger than an egg yolk) and fry an egg in the middle. Afterward, put cheese on top and maybe some salt and pepper. Simple. Remarkably simple, and even more than it is simple, it is tasty.

There are few rules, and the rules are really just to maintain some sort of balance when making the hole in the wall. First off, it is important to use butter with the bread, so you don’t burn the bread too much but still get it crispy, and butter makes most anything taste better. Second, it is important to make sure that the egg is cooked, which is sometimes tricky. I usually test it by lifting a side of the bread and looking to see if the egg is sticking to the bottom yet or not. If it is, it’s ready, and you should feel free to either flip it or give it some more time to remove the “gooiness”.

Outside of these rules, the hole in the wall is limitless, much like an omelet or breakfast burrito. It can easily lend itself to many other ingredients and is usually very tasty with just about anything you would consider for other breakfast foods. Use different cheeses, different breads, and toppings to suit whatever taste you have at the hole in the wall’s conception. For mine, I decided to make changes but still keep it simple. The product is delicious and something that can be done cheaply, and it adds variety to this anytime meal.

My version included a simple salsa, and I replaced the standard Kraft single with some shredded Colby cheese and used whole wheat bread. I made certain that the bread was very toasted, not wanting it to get soggy with the application of the salsa. The egg, too, should be cooked longer. I know it is nice to mop up the goo with the toasted bread, but with other ingredients sometimes a sacrifice must be made. I added some red and black pepper to the top of the hole in the wall, along with a little bit of salt. Fry up some bacon for the side, or as a topping, and add the salsa and you have something along the lines of a hole in the wall bruschetta. Enjoy, and look for other ideas that could be applied to the hole in the wall.

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1 cup tomatoes (diced)

1/2 cup onions (diced)

Cilantro, to taste

As many, or as few, jalapenos as you want

A squirt of lemon juice and a little bit of salt

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