Mar 282007
Authors: James Baetke

The two presidential tickets for the Associated Students of CSU debated Wednesday night on issues ranging from RamRide, accountability and funding.

Katie Gleeson and Trevor Trout squared off against Jake Blumberg and Sean Abbey in an event sponsored and broadcast by CTV, CSU’s student TV news station.

Trout and Gleeson are both members of ASCSU and said their devotion to student government make them both excellent candidates.

Their platforms include tax-free textbooks, lower RamRide wait time and improved class registration, including an e-mail alert that would message students about classes that open up.

“I am running for ASCSU president because I am passionate about serving students of Colorado State University,” Gleeson said.

Blumberg and Abbey plan to change ASCSU into more of a business model, they said, making sure every senator and member of the body is held to full accountability and responsibility, if elected.

“We’re going to make sure we have student eyes upon us, to watch over our shoulders,” Blumberg said. “Our commitment is to letting the students know what is going on”

The Blumberg/Abbey ticket promised openness, inclusiveness and accountability, while propagating ideas of CSU tradition.

Both campaigns said they want to make CSU more appealing to presidential candidates and also plan to tap into alternative funding for student organizations, including private business sources.

“Building a network is important,” Abbey said. “Everything we’ve talked about is researched and possible.”

“We need to make sure student fees are necessary and that is the only route the university can take to get that money,” Blumberg said.

Trout agreed, adding that he wants to see some changes.

“I believe we really are the only organization that can affect student change,” Trout said. “It is my duty to scrutinize any student fee.”ASCSU Elections for the 2007-2008 year will take place Monday, April 2 through Wednesday, April 4. All students are encouraged to vote in the presidential and senate races.

Students can watch the presidential debate tonight and through next week on CTV channel 11 or by logging on to

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