Mar 252007

If you told Cam the Ram that he looked really “buff,” would he get offended?

Well after being told by several guys here that they didn’t want girlfriends, I found an amazing boyfriend at CU. So the girls here aren’t the idiots … the guys are.

You know you’re a college student when you go to the Housing Fair for the free pens and candy!

To the person who thought it was cool to go home for Spring Break, did you know it is even cooler to stay here and work nearly all break while all the rich kids go on fancy exotic vacations?

So I knew it was going to be an odd day when: 1) this morning I saw a guy washing his bicycle at the car wash, 2) this afternoon I saw a squirrel jump in a mail van.

I refuse to drink coffee until Starbucks stands up for itself and posts a “For the cost of feeding one starving child a year, you can provide yourself with a daily coffee fix.”

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