Mar 252007

As the ASCSU election season tumbles into its second week, controversy continues.

Last week, one presidential campaign was accused of breaking some rules – the very same rules that could have kept August Ritter, Gov. Bill Ritter’s son, from running for office.

Candidates Jake Blumberg and Sean Abbey were accused of campaigning too early and using resources provided by student fees to do so, a big no-no according to ASCSU rules which only allow candidates to actively campaign for two weeks. The two were cleared by a committee vote of any wrongdoing.

But the outcome wasn’t so pretty in the case of August Ritter. He and an undisclosed running mate were optimistic about a possible go at the presidential seat, until a Collegian article confirmed rumors of Ritter’s prospective campaign.

ASCSU President Jason Green and Election Manager Audrey LaSalle told Ritter and the Collegian that the article constituted “active campaigning,” despite the fact that Ritter declined comment for the article. Any campaigning before the first day back from Spring Break, they said, would disqualify his campaign.

The Blumberg/Abbey ticket faced real accusations of campaigning improprieties, but they still have a shot at nabbing the election.

Ritter’s out for good. And students may never learn the truth behind his decision.

Regardless of who the candidates may be, one thing is certain: ASCSU, not unlike our local, state and national governments, enforces some silly rules. If our student government wants to enforce such silly rules, every candidate should have a fair shake, even the governor’s son.

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