Mar 222007

If anyone lost an Ipod in Current World Problems on Wednesday, 3/21 for the 1:10-2:00 class, I have it. Contact Ramtalk for my information to get it from me. I charged it for you because you were low on battery.

I feel like intramural rec. sports should get a weekly section in the Collegian with action photos and gossip.

Florida may have won the NCAA football and basketball championships, but we here at CSU have something they don’t. a higher drinking tolerance because of the altitude!

The after hours library would be a sweet place to play games like hide-and-seek or ghosts in the graveyard. Is there anyway to arrange that, maybe as a fundraiser or something? Or we could just hide back in government documents and get locked in.

Said by my marketing teacher: “Young people think that sex is the best feeling in the world, but you’ll soon realize that getting your feet out of ski boots actually is.” .Yet another reason I don’t ever want to grow up.

If there were a cage fight between Nate Lamborn of CSU Ramtalk and the op-ed guys, the only thing left would be Nate and a witty comment about how Nick and Daniel embraced in a hug during their final seconds of life.

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