Mar 222007

Recent poll results show that student binge drinking has reached an all-time high. If this doesn’t sound like breaking news, don’t be fooled. We’ve always known that kids go a little crazy when they leave the nest, but these days, going a little crazy has taken on a whole new meaning.

Let’s face it – we’re on a college campus. Freshmen come with high hopes of their first keg-stand and seniors leave proud to have survived those hazy nights when being a Ram meant stumbling home from a party, barely coherent.

College kids drink.

But along with a license to drink comes a responsibility to keep yourself in check. We know what you’re thinking – it’s Friday, I just got paid (or got some skrill from mommy and daddy) and there’s nothing better to do than get wasted.

We work in the news business – nobody’s ready for the weekend like the hardworking journalists of the Collegian – but that also means we know what can happen when too much enthusiasm for Jose or Jim can mean bad news.

Go to the Ramskellar, take a trip to the liquor superstore or blend up some margaritas at home with your homies, but keep it safe.

There’s nothing like waking up in the morning, headache-free, ready to go wherever the Colorado sun takes you knowing that you could throw down without consequences.

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