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Authors: Brian Park

Christian Finnegan’s advice to CSU students: do not transfer to the University of Colorado-Boulder – the dean of the college collects Nazi memorabilia.

“Not because he is Nazi, but because he thinks they got a bad rap,” Finnegan said in an interview before the “Two for Flinching” comedy special on Thursday night.

He also advised students to get even with their roommates by farting on their pillows because they will always wonder why it smells like burritos.

Finnegan opened up the sold-out event in the Lory Student Center Main Ballroom by commenting on the lack of diversity at CSU.

“It feels like some really out of control Christian youth camp up here (on stage),” the comedian said. “There’s a lot of white people here.”

Finnegan, known for his portrayal of the unfortunate white roommate Chad on the “Mad Real World” on the “Chappelle Show” and VH1’s “Best Week Ever,” immediately started to make fun of Fort Collins and Colorado.

After acknowledging how nice the crowd looks, he said it almost makes up for the fact that CSU’s campus smells awful.

“Seriously, I got of my car and thought – did God just fart?” Finnegan asked, eliciting boos from the audience and yells of “That’s Greeley.”

The Black Eyed Peas, Stephen Hawking, and drunk males who moan at the urinal were all Finnegan’s targets. And bars and club names should reflect where on is going, such as “Date Rape” or “Low Standards.”

Finnegan went to college at New York University and started his comedy career in the Big Apple at “alternative performance clubs,” venues where comedy, music and naked poetry all happen in the same night. He remembers a particular horror story.

“One time I was in a sketch group and we followed a guy getting an enema by a dominatrix,” Finnegan said in the interview. “Literally this guy who is a lawyer, is naked with his hands up against the wall with this woman in a black leather nurse outfit with a tube up his ass.”

Growing up Finnegan hated comedy before he started doing it. But when he was young he idolized Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy and Bill Cosby. And now, along with his “Chappelle Show” and “Best Week Ever” gigs, he is headlining the Comedy Central on Campus tour and just released his debut comedy album in October 2006.

Finnegan also offered one more disheartening fact about CU-Boulder.

“I heard everyone that goes to the University of Colorado hates the homeless,” Finnegan said.

The show also featured comics Pablo Francisco, Nick Thune and Dan Levy.

On stage later that night Finnegan received some of the loudest applause when he did not even tell a joke.

“I bet a lot of drinking and weed smoking goes on here,” he said, at which the ballroom erupted with handclaps and screaming.

Finnegan later on shared one his favorite activities with the crowd.

“Getting really s***** music stuck in people’s head is like your own terrorism,” he said. “Your not blowing up any buildings but you can ruin some f****** afternoon.”

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