Mar 212007
Authors: Mike Donovan

Gabrielle Caputo, a 17-year-old Fort Collins girl, went missing from her Drake Street home sometime on Tuesday or early Wednesday and her family is asking for help in tracking her down.

Caputo had arranged for a ride to the airport early Wednesday morning with her sister-in-law, CSU student Katherine Caputo, who is a sophomore seeking technical journalism major. When Katherine Caputo got to the house, Gabrielle Caputo was nowhere to be found.

Gabrielle has an affection for horses and may have tried to hitch a ride in search of animals, her sister said.

“We are really worried she accepted a ride with someone she doesn’t know,” Katherine said.

Gabrielle is 5 feet tall, has blue eyes, and long brown hair. Anyone who believes they have seen Gabrielle or has any information regarding her disappearance is asked to call the Fort Collins Police at 221-6540 or her family at 556-2771.

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