ASCSU to vote on Iraq bill

Mar 202007
Authors: Vimal Patel

The CSU student government could take a stance tonight on President Bush’s decision to escalate the Iraq War by sending an extra 20,000 troops to the country.

The non-binding Associated Students of CSU resolution would support a state bill voicing opposition to the president’s move.

Some inside and outside the senate have raised concerns about taking a stance on a non-local, politically charged issue, but the author of the bill – an Iraq War veteran – said that’s what student leaders should be doing.

“(The war) affects CSU students in a number of ways,” said Ben Schrader, who served in Iraq from February 2004 to February 2005. “It’s not the shared opinion of everyone at CSU, but we are the student voice and we do have ties to legislators.”

Schrader, a CSU sociology and political science major, said he was initially ambivalent about the war, but came to oppose it after being exposed to brutal combat experiences, including those in which civilians were killed.

There will likely be a discussion about the resolution tonight and even a final vote on the issue, said Sean Abbey, chair of the Student Empowerment Summit committee.

ASCSU is set to meet at 6:30 p.m. tonight in the Senate Chamber.

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