Mar 192007

My roommate made a chore-chart for us. I applaud his effort, but pretty soon it will be blocked by a pile of dirty dishes and we won’t know who has to do the dishes.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… except for all the pictures we posted on Facebook!

To the guy who very nearly ran me over with his truck yesterday, and then waved: I don’t want to exchange pleasant, non-verbal greetings with you. I want to live for another 80 years.

The Collegian has fallen to a new low! After looking up “Hat Trick” online, I am completely disgusted that the Collegian would put that in their paper.

Does it bug anybody else that all of the sink knobs in the bathrooms on campus always have one knob that turns in the wrong direction?

Everyone seems to have gone to the Bahamas or Cancun… am I the only one who thinks it’s cool to go HOME and see your FAMILY for spring break?

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