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Mar 192007

President Bush has balls big enough to fill Horsetooth Reservoir, spill over and crush hundreds of surrounding ranch homes.

On the four-year anniversary of the Iraq War – after voters, upset at the disastrously conducted invasion, ousted much of his party from power in November – Bush told Congress he wanted more funding “without strings and without delay.”

While this might appease hard-liners who believe that following a mistake all the way to its grisly end is always better than changing course, the vast majority of the American public – experts included – would beg to differ.

As clich/ as Bush-bashing has become, we are at a loss.

Bush certainly isn’t out of touch with the situation, and we don’t think he is clinically insane. But his actions don’t seem like the product of a rational mind.

Rather, watching his reign unfold is surreal – like reading accounts of eccentric Roman emperors with delusions of godliness.

It has been four years, and we’re not sure why we are in Iraq (it wasn’t the WMDs, and it wasn’t terrorists, either; Saddam Hussein hated Al Qaeda). We’re not sure what, exactly, is going on over there. And we’re not sure where it’s all headed, except that it’s probably not anywhere good.

We don’t feel the need to criticize Bush for his speech, or his request for even more tax dollars to wage it.

We would simply like to express our shock and awe.

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