No Consensus Exists

Mar 192007
Authors: Nick Hemenway

Last month, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change provided a report to the U.N. that explains the answer to all of our problems. Why did we have several huge snowstorms this past winter? Global warming. Why is it Tuesday? Global warming. Why was Dale Layer fired? Global warming. It’s about time we have an answer to all the questions that life gives us.

In the now famous IPCC report on global warming, a summary was given of the findings of about 1,500 scientists. In this summary, it was proclaimed that man is responsible for global warming and drastic measures must be taken to counteract man’s damage to the global climate.

Although this summary was entirely expected, the astute student of science and politics noticed some red flags regarding this earth-shattering news. The report to the U.N. was not a full report but rather a summary of a future full report. None of the research or data was provided, only a brief 18-page summary. Why would they release the summary but not the research? If they can convince people global warming is man-made with their summary, by the time the full report comes out, it will be old news and there will be little incentive to dig deep into the research and data.

The second thing to notice about the report is, although 1,500 scientists contributed to the report, they didn’t all agree on each other’s work. In fact, one of the lead authors of the report, Dr. Christopher Landsea from the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, withdrew his name from the report when the other authors would not accept his contributions. The panel decided they would take the stance that global warming causes increasingly severe hurricanes and storms. Dr. Landsea, however, maintained that his research showed no such correlation. Regardless, the panel had its agenda, and that was that. This doesn’t sound like a “consensus” on global warming like Al Gore and friends have been telling us, does it?

Throughout the debate over global warming, data has been grossly manipulated. In a report from NASA in 2004, the variance in temperature for the arctic region was plotted from 1880-2004. It showed a clear warming trend until 1938, when all of a sudden the temperatures cooled off at a rapid rate until the 1970s.

On April 28, 1974, Newsweek printed an article in which scientists warned us about the dangers of the impending global cooling. Some of these scientists went as far as to recommend we intentionally “melt the arctic ice caps with black soot or divert arctic rivers.”

While we could sit here and go back and forth with arguments for or against man-made global warming, only one thing can be concluded – there is no consensus on the issue of global warming. This being said, why should we be forced to change our way of life for something that may or may not be true? Why should we condemn the businesses that keep this country running when we don’t truly know they are causing any harm in the first place? Remember, it was the honorable Bill Clinton and a unanimous U.S. Senate vote that shot down the Kyoto Protocol, not George Bush and the evil Republicans. They did so because even they knew that signing the Kyoto Protocol would lead to economic disaster.

Until people recognize the global warming movement as the hoax it is, the environmentalist left will continue to hold it over our heads in a ploy for more power, money and expanded governmental control. Don’t trust me; just ask the world-renowned Dr. William Gray, Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science from THE Colorado State University. In a September 2005 interview with Capitalism Magazine, Dr. Gray said, “Most meteorological research is funded by the federal government. And boy, if you want to get federal funding, you better not come out and say human-induced global warming is a hoax because you stand the chance of not getting funded.”

Don’t be fooled, the sky is not falling.

Nick Hemenway is a senior mechanical engineering major. His column appears every Tuesday in the Collegian. Replies and feedback can be sent to

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