Mar 182007
Authors: James Baetke

Today is the last day to withdraw from a course, allowing students to avoid getting an F on their transcript.

Students who want to drop a class after 11:30 p.m. today will have to settle for a grade course. The dropped courses will not affect GPA, but a “W” will be included in the student’s transcript.

Typically, CSU allows students to drop a class up to 12 days into the semester without having to pay for the class.

Students tend to withdraw from a course when there seems to be no possibility that a desired grade could be achieved.

“There is no limit to the number of ‘W’ grades that can display on the transcript,” said Nolan Oltjenbruns, CSU associate registrar, in an e-mail.

“‘W’ grades are not necessarily bad. However, the more of them that exist on the transcript, the more likely it is that the student may be asked to explain them to the recipient of the transcript.”

Although the grades don’t affect overall grades, they do impact future eligibility regarding state institutional and federal aid.

According to CSU Student Financial Services policy a student must satisfactorily complete al least 75 percent of courses attempted at CSU. Transfer credits are not taken into account.

“The point in time that a student withdraws during the term as well as the number of final credits the student ends up with can impact the financial aid that a student has been determined eligible for,” Oltjenbruns said.

“Most aid programs are designed to assist students in completing an education and as a result require a student to attend full time.”

In some courses, a professor may grant an “incomplete grade,”-marked I on a transcript-for students who are usually doing well in the class. In essence, the grade is undetermined until a later date once course work is completed.

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Registration for Fall 2007 begins for graduate and professional

students on April 2, with seniors starting the following day.

Contact your adviser (if your department requires it) to schedule an

appointment, be advised, and receive your advising code. Register

as early as possible for the best course selection using the Fall

Registration link in RAMweb.

Class schedule information is now available on-line through RAMweb

(University Class Schedule link). Multiple search options are

available, and up-to-the-minute information on course section

availability is also provided.

Each semester, prior to being able to register, you are asked to

provide certain pieces of information for University use. This

process is now built into a new RAMweb menu item

called “Registration Ready”. For example, if your department

requires advising, you will need to key in your advising code as one

of the Registration Ready steps. Once you have completed all steps

within Registration Ready, you will see a message indicating when

you will be eligible to access the registration system for Fall

2007. You MUST complete all Registration Ready steps in order to be

able to register. Registration Ready will be available for your use

no later then Monday, March 19.

Registration deadlines are strictly enforced. A $50 late

registration charge will be assessed to those who add their first

course August 20 or later. HOLDs do not extend these deadlines, and

class attendance without registration is prohibited. HOLDs prevent

registration and must be cleared before registration will be


An account statement reflecting current charges will be mailed in

mid-July. The first payment is due on August 10. A printed

schedule of your assigned classes will NOT be mailed to you;

however, you may log onto RAMweb at any time to review your

registered schedule.

Different deadlines and procedures may apply for students enrolled

in courses through the Division of Continuing Education (DCE). For

more information, contact DCE at (970) 491-5288.

Registrar’s Office

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