Mar 182007
Authors: Vimal Patel

Two tickets will vie to head Associated Students of CSU, and August Ritter won’t be on either.

Ritter, the son of Gov. Bill Ritter and a junior global tourism major, was expected to run as vice president with an undisclosed running mate.

Ritter was contacted Sunday night, but declined to comment on why he chose not to run.

Jake Blumberg, a technical journalism and political science double major, will run for ASCSU president with vice presidential hopeful Sean Abbey, a junior finance major.

The two will challenge presidential contender Katie Gleeson, a history major, and vice presidential candidate Trevor Trout, a junior management major.

The candidates are unable to talk about their campaigns until 8 a.m. today, when official campaigning starts, said Audrey LaSalle, ASCSU elections manager.

Ritter will run unopposed for one of two senate seats representing the College of Natural Resources.

Most senate seats representing colleges won’t be competitive. Only races for Intra-University and the College of Liberal Arts have fewer available senate seats than candidates.

The College of Applied Human Sciences, despite having five available seats, has no candidates. In addition, there are no candidates to represent graduate school students despite five available seats. ASCSU this semester had two graduate school representatives.

“Graduate students tend to be the most difficult to keep on,” LaSalle said. “Probably because they’re so busy.”

Meanwhile, there are 16 candidates for College of Liberal Arts senate seats and only six open slots.

There were only three or four candidates a few days before the deadline, but after LaSalle made an announcement encouraging senators to spread the word and get others to apply, she said, there was in influx of candidates.

The application deadline will be extended for non-competitive seats and ASCSU members are set to be in the plaza today handing out applications.

The election is set for April 2 to April 4. The presidential tickets are set to debate in the plaza at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday. There will be an open microphone for students to ask questions.

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