Mar 082007
Authors: Editorial Board

Lots of students are going to get drunk over Spring Break.

That’s fine. Drinking responsibly, being useless to society, and having a plain good time is something that’s good for you in moderation – if you’re of legal age, of course.

But if that’s all you do, there’s a problem. As CSU students, we are privileged with something lots of people in America and the overwhelming majority of the world’s population don’t have: access to a quality education.

Simply, we’re in a position to, as clich/ as it may sound, make the world a better place. If you squander that opportunity, shame on you.

We’re happy to say CSU students are doing lots to make the world a better place, and standing up for their convictions.

Associated Students of CSU was a key player in the creation of the new student group, Associated Students of Colorado. The group held a successful rally Monday in the Capitol and lobbied several dozen legislators.

On the ASCSU senate floor Wednesday night, an Iraq War veteran introduced legislation that would take a moral stance against President Bush’s decision to escalate the Iraq War.

And several CSU students are going to participate in Alternative Spring Break, where they will help out those in need instead of helping themselves to loads of booze.

To all these students, and everyone who has the courage to believe in something and the will to do something about it, keep on fighting the good fight.

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