Mar 082007
Authors: Brian Zimpfer

Trevor Sides’ article in Thursday’s paper reads like a propaganda pamphlet passed out by door-to-door missionaries. It is a scattered collection of thoughts and loosely related concepts. To respond to each of his widely varied topics would be impossible without writing a thesis.

In a nutshell, atheism and evolution are not the same thing and neither are their moral belief systems. Atheism does not need evolution, as the quote from Dawkins used last week illustrated. Nor does evolution need atheism, which is evident by the Vatican endorsing evolution.

Claiming the morality of atheism is made up and therefore has no ultimate foundation for ethics is like saying since calculus was made up by Newton and that there is no ultimate foundation for it. Moral philosophy not dependent on a deity assumes as much. Examples include Ayn Rand’s objectivism or utilitarianism.

Sides does not do any justice to ethics based on evolution either. The examples he uses are misleading and more representative of moral relativism. Especially egregious is his Hitler example. It not only misrepresents evolutionary ethics, it completely ignores the other ethical systems that Hitler manipulated, like Christianity, to accomplish his evil goals.

Brian Zimpfer


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