LTTE: Letter lacks ethics

Mar 082007
Authors: Sarah Rue

Tuesday’s letter to the editor, “Abstinence-only education doesn’t cut it,” should get their facts straight. The letter, written by Laura Ward (Voices for Planned Parenthood,) mentions House Bill 1292 which claims that the current sex education in Colorado needs “standards” to ensure medical accuracy and factual scientific information. The lobbying group Mendez, Steadman & Associates distributed a “fact sheet” during a debate in the House to provide “evidence” about the need for this bill. This “fact sheet” slandered a curriculum published by the community based non-profit, Friends First, whom Ms. Ward also mentioned in her letter.

They claimed that Friends First was spreading medically inaccurate information regarding the sexually transmitted disease HPV. The hypocrisy of this group and the non-profit groups who hired this firm, as well as the individual who wrote this letter, is that they failed to get the facts. Their credibility should be questioned. None of these organizations or individuals can provide a direct quote or source because they are relying on secondary sources for their information. None of these individuals have even read Friends First’s curriculum or know anything about it. No one at the particular firm knew which Friends First product discussed HPV, and none of these individuals knew that Friends First’s curriculum is updated on a regular basis. Facts change periodically when new discoveries are reported. The dynamic nature of science is a well-known principle of the scientific method.

The lack of ethics demonstrated by Mendez, Steadman & Associates, as well as Ms. Ward’s letter, discredits the entire proposed bill 1292. Please do not rely on the self-serving perceptions endorsed by individuals like Ms. Ward and groups like Planned Parenthood. Ms. Ward mentions in the end of her letter that if this bill were to pass, “it will prove that our state government recognizes a young person’s right to be responsible.” Being the responsible youth that we are, we can rest assured that if this bill were to clear the Senate, it will soon be vetoed. Democrats and Republicans alike want bills passed based on credible facts, not self-serving lies.

Sarah Rue



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