Mar 072007
Authors: Mary Swanson

It wasn’t a typical fair.

Dildos served as door prizes at the Safer Sex Fair on Wednesday – and they were the most conventional of sex toys. Amid a throng of tables covered in condoms, candy and other bedroom fare, Jiu Jitsu masters taught their craft to potential sex crime victims.

Miriam Mensah-Bonsu, however, dropped by with a simpler mission.

“Honestly, I came for the free condoms,” the freshmen open-option major said.

And she wasn’t alone. More than 100 stopped by the fair in the Lory Student Center’s Art Lounge, forcing Northern Colorado AIDS Project volunteers to run back to their offices to restock their supplies of free condoms.

But at least one visitor had qualms with the fair’s message.

Dan Wiesner jumped onto a rock on the Plaza, and began to preach against promiscuity.

“I believe in safe sex between a married man and woman. Period,” said Wiesner, who describes himself as first and foremost a Christian.

Wiesner said that he doesn’t hate sex, or marijuana, for that matter. But he stressed that both should be done responsibly.

Overall, organizers described the event as a success.

Self-defense was also emphasized as an important aspect of safer sex. Finnie and Tessa McMahon, owners of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, demonstrated self-defense techniques specific to sexual assault.

“The great thing about Jiu Jitsu in contrast to other martial arts schools is that it teaches self-defense from ground positions as well upright ones,” Tessa McMahon said. “Knowing these techniques is especially important in case of sexual assault.”

Whips and handcuffs adorned the table of Doctor John’s sex shop, along with an array of products. The shop gave out free toys as door prizes.

“We wanted to invite all organizations that dealt with safe sex and sexuality,” said Erin Fair, a junior music therapy major. “I think we did that, and hopefully we can do it again next year.”

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