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Authors: Elena Ulyanova

In the short span of only one year, metal band Adam’s Ruin has done things that usually take bands five to 10 years to accomplish; they were recently voted the best band in Denver by hard rock radio station KBPI.

With that comes the opportunity to play at the Fillmore Auditorium in Denver in front of more than 3,000 people.

Adam’s Ruin took the honor over 400 other bands from the region, and is now anticipating the next big step in their musical career – playing at the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

Scottie Flint, the band’s manager, describes their current status as “a rocket riot” and is hoping that previous exposure they have had will soon lead them to national recognition and a possible label interest.

“Out of Colorado we’ve gotten the farthest in such a short distance, we’ve only been together for a year,” said Joel Karchner, guitarist.

The band formed in March 2006 after the members spent time playing in previous bands. Up to that time, different parts of the band played together and eventually congregated and assembled their own group.

Unlike many other metal bands, they endorse a drug-free, positive message and leave foul language out of their recorded material.

“Their songs are about love and relationships and not about whacking parents or beating someone up,” Flint said.

Roger Foster, vocalist, said their lyrics come from the heart.

“It is real personal stuff,” Foster said. “We don’t get so personal that no one can relate to it, but everything pours out on stage.”

Karchner said that there are three things that set the band apart from others: their music, their drive and their image.

“We have influences and people we’re similar to, but we have a unique style,” Karchner said. “We have a drive to go the distance and we refuse to be held back.”

Trystin Sann, guitarist, agreed that the band’s music is what makes them unique.

“Our music sounds different than anything else out there. I have a hard time comparing us to other bands when someone asks ‘who do you guys sound like?'” Sann said.

Although they have been influenced by math metal bands such as Tool, James Hicks, bassist, said that they do not consider themselves one.

“I feel like you lose a lot of emotion when you break music down to numbers. If you go too far down the road people don’t know what you’re doing,” Hicks said.

Yet with all of their success, there have also been hurdles to overcome.

“A lot of people didn’t believe in us and thought we cheated in the contest so we had to try our best to win them over and prove to them that we worked our asses to get to where we are,” Chad Smith, vocalist, said.

However, it doesn’t seem that any obstacles will be holding them back in the near future.

“We’ve had a couple setbacks that have set us back from writing stuff, but now we’re back up on our feet and ready to write new stuff,” Karchner said.

Currently, the band’s main goal is to expand their fan base.

“If we didn’t have fans, we wouldn’t be where we are,” Karchner said.

Nonetheless, the band members have other aspirations as well.

“We want to make music that we are happy with and people can enjoy, and also make enough money that we don’t ever have to worry about it,” Foster said.

Karchner also said they are hoping to write new music, get signed and extend out of Colorado.

And although they want to develop their band, their music is consistently their main purpose.

“Music is life,” said Tony Caya, percussionist.

Karchner agreed.

“It’s kept me alive; it’s gotten me through the roughest times in my life,” he said. “If someone listens to our music and is upset about something or maybe even thinking of killing themselves, maybe they will hear our song and change their mind. That means more to me than any money or record contract.”

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Chadd Smith – Vocals

Age: 24

Hometown: Loveland

Greatest influence: Corey Taylor

Favorite venue: Fillmore Auditorium in Denver

Favorite band memory: playing at the Fillmore (Dec. 3, 2006)

Fun fact: has a video game obsession

Words to live by: “All your bass belongs to us.”

Roger Foster – Vocals

Age: 22

Hometown: Richmond, Va.

Greatest Influences: Corey Taylor, Chad Gray

Favorite venue: Fillmore Auditorium in Denver

Favorite band memory: winning best band in Denver

Fun fact: has done almost all of their studio recordings

Words to live by: “No regrets.”

James Hicks – Bass

Age: 25

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Greatest Influences: Tool, Mudvane

Favorite venue: Fillmore Auditorium in Denver

Fun fact: has a bachelor’s degree in sociology from the Colorado-Boulder

Words to live by: “Be honest with yourself. Be happy doing what you’re doing because you only do it once.”

Trystin Sann – guitar

Age: 24

Hometown: Loveland

Greatest influences: Metallica, classic rock

Favorite Venue: Fillmore Auditorium in Denver

Favorite band memory: sharing a bed with Joal and Janis because there were only two beds in the hotel room

Fun fact: he has a hitchhiker’s thumb

Words to live by: “Turtle Power.”

Tony Caya – percussion

Age: 22

Hometown: Broomfield

Greatest influences: Mikey Cox, his dad

Venue: Fillmore Auditorium in Denver

Favorite band memory: living with Chad – “he’s a character”

Fun fact: he is a father

Words to live by: “Fuck.”

Joel Karchner – guitar

Age: 24

Hometown: State College, Pa.

Greatest influences: Flaw, Mudvane, his son Shaedon

Favorite venue: Red Rocks Amphitheater

Favorite band memory: playing their first show in Steamboat Springs

Words to live by: “Faight, Respect”

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