Mar 062007

Well, a new editor in chief of the Collegian has been selected.

Yes, we know. Yawn.

Media people often think non-media people care about the inner workings of a newspaper. We know that, generally, they don’t.

But this is one case where we believe a hearty pat on the back is warranted for the student candidates who gave it their all to be editor in chief of The Rocky Mountain Collegian.

They jumped through hoops, wrote six-page position papers and made presentations to boards. And most nerve-wracking of all, we believe, was the Q-and-A session in front of dozens of other fellow staffers who don’t pull punches.

The candidates care about the Collegian, the institution that binds together the campus community year-round more than any other.

Reporters often make mistakes. We’re students here to learn. We probably make even more.

But despite the endless complaints and criticism of the Collegian, we can objectively say that the staff is a group of miracle workers. Every school day, students flip open the paper oblivious to the sweat and long nights that went into producing it. And we do it all while attending school full-time. The same could be said about the students who put out the magazine and television and radio shows.

Yes, the Collegian is an awesome institution, and we believe it will only get better next year.

To the candidates who had the courage and passion (and were insane enough) to make a run for the almost-sacred position of the paper’s most dogged and spirited defender, we wish we had something beautiful and eloquent to say. But all we have is this: We’re proud of you.

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