Mar 062007

I think Nick Hemenway should call the Tennessee Department of Revenue and inform them that the Tennessee Center for Policy Research is a legitimate think tank. Reports from the Nashville City Paper say the state’s Department of Revenue considers them “not a legitimate group.” He also claims that they are nonpartisan, but the links on their site only link to conservative think tanks such as the Cato Institute, the Heritage Foundation, and Manhattan Institute.

The TCPR claims that Gore’s mansion consumes 20 times the energy of the average household. Its statistical methods used to determine this are suspect since they include apartments and mobile homes in the average. In addition it may be noted that on average, energy usage in Gore’s climate zone is higher than the national average according to the Department of Energy. In that zone Gore’s usage is only three (not 20) times the average. Yet Gore’s electric company has no record of being contacted about his bill.

Even if Gore does use more energy, it is worth noting that he purchases the maximum allowable green electricity from his electric company. He is known to have replaced his bulbs with their fluorescent counterparts, and is renovating his house to be outfitted with solar panels.

Since these are all things that Al advocates for average citizens to do I would like to know where the irony is? Maybe it’s in Nick’s ‘reporting’.

Brian Zimpfer


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