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Authors: Rebecca Howard

Every year, student organizations at CSU hold multiple events ranging from concerts to keynote speakers. The Associated Students of CSU Funding Board allocates money collected through student fees to fund these events.

Aaron Green, the Black Student Alliance historian, said student organizations such as BSA would not be able to hold many of their events without receiving money from student fees.

“There is not a lot that (student organizations) can to do raise money,” the sophomore economics major said. “It allows us to have programs that we want to see and have a good campus experience.”

The funding board, made up of five senators, four at-large members, one appointee from the cabinet and the director of finance, decides whether an event is funded. Approval of an event is based on whether it follows state law and the bylaws of the board.

According to the Director of Finances Robert Sons, the time frame for applying for money is fairly flexible but an organization must turn in a request by the Monday before their hearing, and the event cannot occur within seven days of the hearing.

Once an organization applies for money, a liaison from the board helps them through the process of preparing to go in front of the board for approval.

“We’re not there to turn people down, but rather to proactively form the budget so that it complies with our bylaws and state law,” Sons said.

“I like that student fees can be allocated for something good for the students and the community,” said Allie Hoffman, a senior political science major and member of the Environment Action Collective.

In order to receive funding, events must fit certain requirements. According to Sons, the most important requirements are that it is open to all students, gives the opportunity for direct student involvement and has some sort of educational or cultural offering.

“Blow up amusements, movies and bands are all fine as long as a student can learn something at the event,” he said.

BSA recently held a “Casino Royale” party, which incorporated black history into the event with decorations featuring quotes and facts about black history.

The bylaws also state that they cannot fund events that are held for the purpose pushing a campaign issue or religious views.

According to Sons, the board is expected to use this year’s budget in its entirety by the end of the semester, which he says is a good thing. With less than half of the semester’s budget left, he is encouraging student organizations to apply for money as soon as possible.

“It’s our intention to make sure that organizations take advantage of the entirety of this portion of the student fee, otherwise it’s not fair to the students,” he said. “We try to make sure that no money rolls over because otherwise a student’s fee wouldn’t be spent in the semester that it was paid.”

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Funding board budget

-Budget for the year: $161,000

-Budget per semester: $80,500

-Money spent so far this semester: $50,500

-Money left: $30,000

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