LTTE: Front-page worthy?

Mar 052007

As a former student of Columbine High School, I cannot even begin to express how annoying it is to constantly hear about Columbine in the news. If a water fountain stops working in the school, it is reported in the newspaper. In other schools, bomb threats occur everyday and go unreported. But because this bomb threat occurred at Columbine, it makes the front page of the Collegian. Is it even worthy of a story in the paper at all? Maybe. But is it worthy of a front-page story? No. The only reason an event like this evokes memories of the shootings is because the media chooses to write articles like yours comparing it to the shootings. While the Columbine community still honors those who lost their lives on that tragic day eight years ago, the fact of the matter is we have moved on. I only wish media outlets such as the Collegian could do the same.

Jeffrey Garkow



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