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Mar 042007

This weekend, community members gathered in Old Town to support Freedom to Marry Day. They organized in peace to stump for civil unions and advocate for same-sex couples.

This is part of a major civil rights struggle of our time.

While Colorado citizens rejected a measure last fall that would give more rights to same-sex couples, we support gay rights and are looking forward to a resurgence of progressive ideology along the Front Range.

As a largely homogenous city, Fort Collins has the unique opportunity to reverse a lingering trend of homophobia and bigotry among its citizens.

The controversy surrounding gay rights has been likened to issues of the civil rights era, and it is important to recognize that just because your votes have already been counted and the election season is over, you can still help in the fight for equality.

In supporting civil unions we are taking one more step to bring freedom to the oppressed and under represented, as prominent civil rights leaders have throughout our country’s history.

Just as was the case for those who marched alongside Martin Luther King in opposition to unfair treatment and segregation, the men and women who took a stand on Saturday deserve to be recognized. They took a risk in supporting their friends and family members for the sake of a more worthy cause: Equal opportunity.

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