MTV: The Bane of Society

Mar 042007
Authors: Andy Nicewicz

I never got to watch MTV growing up. Because of basic cable, I always missed out on important shows like “The Tom Green Show,” “Jackass” and all those sweet music videos my friends would talk about.

I’ve now upgraded to DirecTV, and let’s just say I’m very, very disappointed.

I hate watching MTV and almost every show on it. Depending on my mood, its programs either slightly amuse me because of their ridiculous nature, or enrage me because of their idiocy.

Here’s my problem with some of the programs:

1. “Jackass”

OK, actually this show is pretty funny. The fact though that they are making tons of money videotaping themselves being total, well, jackasses, makes me wish I had thought of that before they did.

2. “Next”

I can’t stand this and every other “reality show” on MTV. Even the typical reality show like “Survivor” isn’t even close to what could be considered “reality,” but MTV takes it to a whole new level. Most of the things people say must be scripted (or at least I hope they are) because otherwise it means humanity has taken a turn for the worse. I don’t know where they get their contestants from, but I’m sure a couple villages are missing their idiots.

3. “Laguna Beach”

I have to deal with enough drama in my own life, and I sure as hell don’t want to hear about the drama of rich, beautiful, high-school kids who really shouldn’t have anything to complain about. You’re living in Southern California! At least you don’t have freezing wind chill. Now that’s something to complain about!

4. “My Super Sweet 16”

This is the worst one of all. Watching spoiled brats, who’ve never had to work and never will, complain about how their party that cost thousands of dollars isn’t perfect makes my blood boil. Aw . you didn’t get the BMW convertible you wanted? When I was 16, my car was a ’74 International Scout and I was damn happy to have it! (It was a pretty sweet car, until it died in the middle of the road.) I don’t even think I had a party on my 16th birthday.

I just hope terrorists don’t get a hand on MTV’s programming, because it would be the perfect propaganda tool to get people to hate America even more. Between the “whorish” women, idiots becoming rich and famous, and spoiled teens caring about nothing but themselves, I can see how people would come to despise the American way of life (or at least how MTV depicts it).

Oh yeah, and whatever happened to the “music” part of Music Television? So much for that.

Andy Nicewicz is a sophomore political science major. His column appears every Monday in the Collegian. Replies and feedback can be sent to

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