Mar 012007
Authors: Editorial Board

Again, CSU is eyeing our pocket books. In a big way.

Students could pay an additional $135 in fees next year – a 14 percent hike, bringing the total to more than more than $1,085.

Whether all this money is necessary is up for debate. We urge all students to take part in this debate at Student Fee Review Board meetings on Mondays at 3 p.m. in room 205 of the Lory Student Center.

Hartshorn Health Services and the Athletic Department are among the departments that would receive the bulk of the increases.

“It’s hard to see the benefit right now, but there has to be some trust and faith that we’re doing the right thing,” athletic director Paul Kowalczyk said. “Not just for athletics, but the university as a whole.”

While we believe Kowalczyk has the best intentions, we don’t believe students should blindly trust anyone when it comes to the allocation of their money.

Students ought to question the necessity of such a large increase before dishing out the cash. Student input could bring other issues to light, or at the very least ensure that their interests are being looked out for.

In this situation, CSU is a microcosm of the state and nation – fighting to ensure every student fee dollar is put to good use now is no different than watching over your tax dollars.

And if these new student fees wind up too high or wasted, those who kept their mouths shut during the process have no right to complain about it afterward.

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