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Authors: Hilary Davis

I think 2007 feels a little left out. I mean, it’s only February and people have already moved on, over 2007 and on to 2008. Like that test you failed or the Rams basketball team, people are already saying, “Well, there is always next time.” And poor 2007 has the unfortunate experience of being the failed test, the losing team – because 2008 is already the bright star of the decade, even though it hasn’t happened yet.

And why? Because 2008 is a presidential election year, naturally, and if you are anyone who is anyone who is even remotely paying attention, you would know that because oh-my-gosh the presidential elections are the most important thing to ever happen. And we need to prepare for them immediately even though Election Day is still more than 20 months away it’s a big deal, that’s all I’m saying (satirical tone intended). And thus, election excitement is everywhere, including my favorite place, the Oscars.

Yes, I know, anyone who is anyone who had anything remotely better to do would not watch the Oscars, but for those of us who love to put on an evening gown, munch on brie and stroll around the living room waving to people, the Oscars are like the Super Bowl. Only with celebrities and no football. So, I guess not like the Super Bowl, but you get what I’m saying.

However, if there’s one thing I don’t like at the Oscars, it’s politics. And Lindsay Lohan, tramping it there are two things I don’t like. But since Lohan was not present at the Oscars, I can focus solely on the fact I don’t like politics interfering with my designer gowns on celebrities time! Everywhere we turned, someone was talking about global warming. The camera was constantly on Al Gore. Impossible not to be, actually, as it seems Gore has played a few too many games of chubby bunny since last he ran (or slowly sauntered) for president. Inconvenient for the bunnies, and for Tipper Gore because nobody could see her all night.

Not that I have anything against being environmentally friendly. I am, in fact, very good friends with the Earth. I recycle, I ride the bus, and I even give the Earth a little hug when I’m feeling especially cordial. But I do have my doubts about the doomsday predictions ushered in by Gore and adopted by the Democrats to use environmentalism as a scare tactic for the 2008 elections. Saying that you drive a hybrid car and urging the U.S. to become a part of the Kyoto Protocol is really sexy right now, but using alarmist data to skew scientific truths and gain votes is just as bad as the Republicans using terror rhetoric and scare tactics to gain votes in the last election.

Celebrities typically lean left and often give money and host benefit dinners for Democratic candidates. When Melissa Etheridge won an Oscar for best song (the theme song from “An Inconvenient Truth”) she stated that global warming wasn’t a partisan issue, but I beg to differ.

And now that Gore has won two Oscars for his documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” what’s next? A Nobel Peace Prize? No joking here; he has actually been nominated for one. I just hope he takes a hint from Leonardo DiCaprio and attends that ceremony in his hybrid car wearing a very fancy, and very large, Armani tux.

Hilary Davis is a senior technical journalism major. Her column appears every Friday in the Collegian. Replies and feedback can be sent to

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